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La Mer Facial Cleanser

Monday, July 27th, 2009

The Facial Cleansing Gel by La Mer was enjoyable, although not our favorite.  As usual, La Mer put a quality product on the market.

la mer facial cleanserWe all know that La Mer is widely considered a high quality product line and their prices certainly reflect their reputation.  But what made us so excited about testing and using this cleanser is both the brand name, but also their use of the cleansing gel as their product.  As the anti aging industry continues to advance, we find that certain formulations and delivery systems work much better than others.  This is the case with gels.  For eye treatments there is nothing better than a gel and the same is also proven to be the case with cleansers.
La Mer’s claims to use magnetized tourmaline as well as their La Mer specially formulated waters to draw dirt, debris, makeup and pollutants out and away from the skin.  The gentle gel cleanses without the harsh rubbing usually associated with cleansers.  La Mer has chosen to focus the treatment of their cleansing gel on the maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier.  While this treatment is certainly suitable for all skin types, as are all cleansing gels, it does very little to aid in the treatment of aging symptoms.
La Mer is not shy in exploiting their brand name by pricing this product through the roof, at least as most cleansers are concerned.  They deliver roughly 6.5 fl. Oz. of cleansing gel  to consumers, which is a nice amount of product, but they do so at a price that is usually reserved for actual skin treatment, not just a simple wash.  If this cleansing gel was designed to reduce irritation or sooth skin, or perhaps even increase circulation or provide some sort of therapeutic treatment we would be more comfortable with the price, but as it stands, it just seemed too much.  Clearly the formulations are quality and certainly the product is very nice to use, however it is just not an advanced facial cleanser, and La Mer has fallen behind the grading curve with this particular cleanser.
Overall, La Mer delivered what they always do, a high end luxurious facial cleanser that cleans skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and toned.  This cleanser uses the leading formulation and delivery system with its use of a gel based product, but that is where this product stopped.  La Mer did little to make their facial cleanser as advanced as it could have, and in our opinion should have been.  If all you want is to wash your face and tell your friends that you use La Mer products, then this might be for you. But if you want total and effective facial cleansing and treatment, there are far more superior products out there to choose from at a fraction of the cost.